The following questions have been designed to test your understanding of the distribution centre driver safety induction.
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1. Minimum PPE required on site is enclosed footwear and high visibility vest.
2. Only incidents resulting in an injury must be reported.
3. Passengers must remain inside the cabin at all times.
4. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the distribution centre except in a designated smoking area
5. Advisory signs must be obeyed
6. Maximum speed limit on site is 15km/hr
7. Ignition keys to remain in the vehicle.
8. "Upon hearing the emergency evacuation tone, you must immediately make your way to the assembly area."
9. The use of mobile phones is permitted whilst driving around the site.
10. It’s OK to use or operate any site equipment
11. Drivers must apply the handbrake before alighting their vehicle
12. It is OK to bring/consume alcohol within the site perimeter
13. Drivers can remain beside their truck when loading/unloading is taking place.
14. Vehicles must give way to pedestrians at all times
15. The St George Produce’ Drug & Alcohol Policy doesn’t apply to me.
16. Wheel chocks are to be in place before loading/unloading can start